What do we crave most out of life? We’re convinced that we’re all looking for the same things: joy, community, and purpose. We see mornings - the start of our day - as a perfect opportunity to fulfill these foundational cravings by creating a better breakfast experience.

The way that we live out this mission is by:

Making Good Food

Our foundation is providing breakfast options that are nutritious, filling, and of course, delicious. With both sweet and savory options paired with our authentic flour tortillas, we don’t mess with breakfast.

Creating Unforgettable Events

Unique morning events that get you excited to wake up. Bringing you fun and new things you get yo do, all before you tackle everything you need to do.

GiviNG Generously

When we give of our time, talents, and treasures, we’re ultimately rewarded twice over. Through events focused on blessing others, our support of local churches and community organizations, and intentional purchasing of sustainable products, our aim is to be a business for the people.


KRAEV was started because of the passion for making mornings better. Chef Rene was working a monotonous job with a long commute, which resulted in early mornings and food to go. He would grind up his coffee beans, make himself a pour over, and grab whatever was quick (and somewhat nutritious), consuming it all in the car. Like that, the morning was gone and his day didn’t get much better. Something needed to change.


While organizing inventory for a hospital in Boston, Rene would dream about the delicious breakfast tacos he grew up eating in the small town of Poteet, Texas. His nana knew how to make them right - homemade and hand-rolled flour tortillas, holding any breakfast ingredient he was craving - eggs, sausage, chorizo, beans - you name it. And of course, breakfast wasn’t complete without a side of a southern classic - sweet tea. Rene is a firm believer in a good meal consisting of both sweet and savory flavors, so with every event or meal he dreams up, there are always items in both categories. Our main dishes at the moment are breakfast tacos and sweets like handmade poptarts. One of the most unique parts of our food is our hand-rolled authentic flour tortillas. You can’t find these pups anywhere else in Rhode Island.



Our name is a bit of an inside joke, but we’ll let you in on it…

Before Rene and Kara Sanchez got married in 2016, they started calling themselves “KRAE” (a combination of their names), where every adventure they would go on or project they would do together included their nickname in it. When Rene was brainstorming names, since Kara was and is a huge part of the business, it felt right to use to use their nickname as the foundation.

Where are we based out of?

We have a mobile set up that allows us to pop up anywhere around RI and MA. This gives us the flexibility to sell our food at different types of events (farmer’s markets, community events, etc), provide catering options (private dinner parties to large events), and partner with local businesses (ranging from breweries to bookstores!) — we come to you, and bring you the food that you and your friends are craving. We operate out of Sankofa Initiative’s shared commercial kitchen at 70 Westfield St in Providence, which is where we will be hosting weekly Sunday brunches starting mid-November 2019.

What makes a taco a “breakfast” taco?

Our authentic handmade flour tortillas and the breakfast ingredients found inside the taco are what make this tex-mex classic what it is. We were surprised to learn how many people in New England have not tried a breakfast taco before, so it’s been our personal mission to make sure everyone we meet tries one. So that’s our invitation to you - if you’re asking the question… find us, try one, and you’ll understand why Rene insisted on bringing BTs to RI.